2023 Candidates

Primary Election in Pennsylvania

May 16, 2023: Primary Election
Polling hours: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Montgomery County Republican Committee Endorsed Commissioner Candidates Tom DiBello & Liz Ferry

Montgomery County Republican Committee Endorsed Candidate for Clerk of Courts

Springfield Township Candidate for School Director


Matt Palmer is running for School Director for the School District of Springfield Township, Montgomery County, PA. After graduating from LaSalle College High School, Matt attended Temple University to pursue a degree in Sports Medicine.  Due to the cost of higher education and an urge to get back into the construction industry where worked since 15 years of age, he transferred to night school at Drexel University and began to work towards a degree in Construction Management.  While enrolled in Drexel, Matt maintained a full time construction job during the day to pay for tuition and avoid student loans.  Part of the way through his degree at DrexeI he dropped out and enlisted in the Unites States Marine Corps.  During his time in the Marine Corps he received individual accommodations, achieving the rank of Sergeant and was deployed to Ramadi, Iraq.  After finishing his enlistment, he went right back at Drexel to finish what he started.  Matt has a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management and zero student loan debt.  Currently, he works in residential construction and manages the budgets and construction of multi-million dollar homes and other renovations as the Vice President of Field Operations.  He is the father to two boys and a little girl that he and loving wife just welcomed into this world.  His oldest son is autistic and is enrolled in Kindergarten at Enfield Elementary School. While the experience has been wonderful with teachers, staff, aides and therapists at Enfield, Matts involvement with some individuals that run the school district and the school board leaves a lot to be desired.  When his son was diagnosed with Autism he made a promise to him that he would fight for him everyday until he is able to do it himself.  If elected he promises not to sit in silence while questions are asked to the school board and vows to do everything he can to elevate the safety and education of children living in the community. Matt is committed to doing what is best for all students and advocate on behalf of all children as if they were his own.  Running for School Director is not something he ever considered but intends to fix what, to him, is a school board that is more concerned about politics and less concerned about the children of Springfield Township. Matt will listen to the concerns of all parents and be an champion for those with special needs, just he has done for his own children.

Springfield Township Candidate for School Director

My name is Elena Habel and I am running for school director. I grew up in Northeast Philly and currently reside in Oreland with my husband, our young 2 boys, and another baby on the way in September! I am a kindergarten teacher in Lower Merion School District with a passion for education. I hold my masters degree as a Reading Specialist with an ELD certification. I am currently pursuing my Autism Certification at Arcadia University. I hope to bring my unique perspective working with a wide variety of students to the Springfield Township School Board. I believe in the importance of passionate educators, differentiated instruction, and school/community relationships. We are parishioners at St. Gens parish. For fun, our family likes to spend time outside, enjoying the parks and playgrounds of Springfield Township and the surrounding areas. I share all local parks for kids on montco_mom on Instagram–check it out! I also teach swimming lessons at Lifetime Fitness and love to be in the water! I am looking forward to meeting the families of Springfield Township and listening to their concerns and hopes for our district.  

Springfield Township Candidate for Commissioner – Ward 1


I hope you and your family are having a great summer.  My name is Mike McCann, one of your neighbors, and I am running for Township Commissioner for Ward 1.   My wife Mary and I have been married for 32 years.  We have been Springfield Twp. residents for 31 years and have resided on Suffolk Road in Flourtown since 2013.  We have 3 children, Sean (26), Mitchell (21) and Maria (19) all grew up in the township and enjoyed attending our township schools and participating in township sports.  I spent many years volunteering in our township and CYO sports leagues as coach, administrator, fundraiser, snack bar coordinator, referee/umpire and much more.

The McCanns have also enjoyed working on and/or supporting many of our township charities

and non-profits such as Shane’s Kindness, Carson Valley Children’s Aid, Holy Martyrs Church and many  more.

Professionally, I am the owner/operator and President of MVM Associates, Inc.  MVM is a nationally recognized leader in securing and managing government incentives throughout the United States.  Since MVM was founded in 1997, MVM has assisted clients in obtaining and managing several billion dollars in government incentives.   MVM’s clients range from large fortune 500 firms such as Walmart, Netflix, Verizon, Amazon, and others to small tech startups and manufacturers.  Humbly, I am a well-known and frequent speaker on panels for grants, tax credits and other government economic incentives.

In addition to my businesses, I am also an investor, founding member and board member of several angel investment groups in Pennsylvania.  Finally, I am a member and sponsor/supporter of several economic development and small business development organizations in southeastern Pennsylvania. My educational background consists of a BS in Environmental Studies as well as a minor in Computer Science from East Stroudsburg

University (1988).

I am running for Commissioner to ensure that the decisions of the Township Board of Commissioners are transparent, and always in the best interest of township residents.  My focus as Commissioner will be on the areas that specifically affect Ward 1, those being zoning and land use, traffic, safety and fiscal responsibility.   My professional background and 31 years of experience as a Springfield resident will help me ensure that residents’ interest are always the priority of the Board.  I look forward to meeting you and you families in the upcoming months.  

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at mvmgrants@gmail.com

Springfield Township Candidate for Commissioner – Ward 3


EMAIL: Wmahoneyward3@gmail.com

Springfield Township Candidate for Commissioner – Ward 7

Maryellen is lifelong resident of Montgomery County, PA and has lived in Springfield Township for over seven years. She is a proud member of both the Oreland Lions and the Springfield Township Rotary Club. She has been an active member and volunteer at her church for over a decade.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Penn State University. Maryellen has worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for over two decades, selling pharmaceutical and advanced medical technologies. She also has professional consulting experience and is versed in the following areas of expertise: Long term planning, unbiased judgment, critical thinking, conflict resolution, project management, problem solving, strategic thinking, analytical skills, inclusive leadership and data analysis.

Springfield Township Candidate for Commissioner – Ward 5

VOTE – ANGELINA BANKS – COMMISSIONER – WARD 5 ( Angelina’s profile coming soon)