School Board Issues

Transparency and Accessibility

  • Increased and open lines of communication with parents and students.
  • Make all curriculum available in advance for parents to review.
  • Improved community engagement.
  • Increase availability of school facilities for students during summer months, holidays and weekends.

Academic Excellence

  • Return to focus on academics and civic instruction.
  • Closing the gap; become academically competitive with the neighboring districts.

Financial Accountability

  • Maximizing the investment of tax dollars to directly benefit each student’s academic success and prosperity. (Tax payers are now paying over $21,000 in expenses per student)
  • Detailed review and accounting of the School Board budget.

Foster Community

  • Strengthen relationship with our local Police
  • Fulfill obligations and commitments to all students

Balanced Representation

  • Vote for Diversity of Thought.  The present Board make up is 9-0-0, with one party rule with no Independent or Republican representation.  Rarely any Board comments or decent on controversial agenda items.
  • Open the public comment period at Board meetings to allow Board members to answer parents’ and students’ questions, have real discussions on decisions.
  • Embrace the collective difference in thought and opinion among each other and our communities